(July 12) Runoff dates eyed for fall semester



As the summer session presses on and Skyline students are settled in their classes, the dates for the Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) presidential runoff election between Melchie Cabrigas and Taylor Angel are also becoming settled and have been tentatively set for Sept. 6-7.

According to Peter Monrroy, vice president and interim president of ASSC, nothing much about the elections is final at this moment. The special election and the proposed dates will be discussed at a meeting scheduled for July 27. At that meeting, the election board will seek official approval for the September dates from the Student Council.

Both Angel and Cabrigas have been busy during the summer, planning and developing their campaign strategies.

“I’m just trying to maintain an optimistic attitude,” Angel said. “If I step into the role of president, it’s meant to be, and I’m going to work hard.”

Angel said that he is keeping in touch with the members that are joining the governing council and attempting to form a small group to discuss and strategize for the upcoming year.

A tutor and officer of Phi Theta Kappa, Angel said he feels he has developed a real connection with the students and, through his involvement in campus activities, is informed of their needs. He said would like for students to be able to focus better in their classes and wants to create awareness of helpful programs that already exist, possibly implementing orientation programs he says.

Regardless of whether Angel gets elected, he says that he will remain active in student council.

“I’m just really looking forward to being in the process again in the fall, and hopefully the student body will be able to see that I can really do a good job with this position.”

Similarly, Cabrigas states that there are a lot of improvements that need to be made and stresses the need for events that will help students.

“I’m glad to see people are still into the election,” Cabrigas said in regard to the runoff. “Almost every day I see some students or even people that I know that are asking ‘So how was the election? Did you lose? Did you win?'”

Cabrigas, whose involvement in campus activities includes attendance at faculty meetings and heading the Skyline Organizations and Club Council, has also been involved in the community with frequent volunteer work and is very active at her church. Cabrigas says that she has worked hard for this election and is ready to help out her fellow students.

“I don’t just want to run for my gain,” Cabrigas said. “I give my time freely.”