(July 12) Letter to the Editor


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I wanted to address my concern about the article in the May 16 issue of The Skyline View on the runoff election. My concerns revolve around my beliefs of an unfair bias within the article. This bias is highlighted within the article at certain points when there is mention to my competitor, Melchie Cabrigas, and the organization that she is a part of, and no mention to any of the organizations that I am a part of within Skyline College. While I do not care to brag about all I have done, I do believe it is only fair that if one individual’s organizational commitments are recognized the other individuals should be recognized as well. While I do not believe this will be a direct indication of who will win the elections in the fall, I do believe there should be more attention paid to the all the articles written within the school newspaper and the the biases that they potentially contain.

Taylor Angel