‘Pleasure and Pain’ never felt so good

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Artist: 112Album: Pleasure and PainAlbum Highlights : “Why Can’t We Get Along,” “If I Hit” and “U Already Know”

112 has done it again, and after a 2-year hiatus, they’re back. This time, they’re bigger than ever, delivering “Pleasure and Pain” to their fans, their first album outside of “Bad Boy” and with their new label, Def Soul. You really can’t help but wonder if 112 can duplicate their earlier success with the Bad Boy Label. But with this CD at hand, you can be certain that they’ve done justice with this one.

With this being their fourth album, they cover the R&B basics with great slow jams and their catchy lyrics, while rising to the occasion with tight club hits that’ll never disappoint a crowd. This album will definitely have you bumping and feeling good from start to finish.

The first single from their album is “U Already Know,” a sultry and sexual song that’ll have you craving for more. The song has a slow, yet distinct tempo with big beats that makes it easy to groove to. 112 also manage to combine great hooks and verses that’ll have you repeating them all day.

For the club lover in all of us, 112 has “If I Hit” which features the “Rubberband Man” himself, T.I. This compilation combines the great rapping skills of T.I. with the phat beats and producing skills of Mario Winans. This song never skips a single beat, and will for sure be the summer anthem of 2005. Other potential anthems include “Let This Go” and “My Mistake.”

112 never disappoints us, and with our endless quest to find that great R&B slow jam that describes our mood at the moment, “Why Can’t We Get Along” hits the right spot. With the “traditional” 112 sound that made them famous from the start, the song delivers straight-to-the-point lyrics and showcases the boy’s vocal talents. This song will definitely remind you back to middle school with those “Cupid” and “Funny Feeling” days.

But let’s keep it real now: like many great albums, there are some downward pitfalls. 112 takes their turn into gospel, or at least a gospel-inspired beat, and well, I personally feel it’s a big miss. It goes away from the actual theme of the album and slows the whole album down. However, they pick it up again with a few up-tempo songs towards the end, including “Closing the Club” feat/ Three 6 Mafia.

And just like any album out there, 112 is really trying to keep it safe this time around. Who could blame them, when their last album did poorly compared to the last two they did. But with every safe album, there are great hits. And with every great hit, there are avid fans, like myself, who will find great songs to choose from.

All and all, if you’re a really big fan of 112 and you like what they do, I say you really should consider buying 112’s “Pleasure and Pain.” It combines old school 112 with their new and improved vibe. And if you’re just really curious about they’re new sound with Def Soul, you won’t be disappointed in this investment.