I’m Mentioning

Many of you have read the controversy involving the April 1 edition of the Skyline View in which a joke column by the name of “Ask Pimptatious” was printed.

The column was met with a flurry of responses most of which denounced it as racist, immoral, and wrong.

I would just like to say that you people are absolutely right.

In our attempt to provide a humorous take on the newspaper industry, we crossed some lines that should never have been touched upon, and while our intent was strictly for the best, we realize that a serious error has occurred.

I’m not going to drag this out or go into detail about why we did it, or try to defend the actions taken.

While I myself cannot speak for the rest of the staff, I would like to personally apologize to the staff and students of Skyline College for any offense people may have taken by the April Fools edition of this paper.

As we strive for accuracy and credibility, we try as hard as we can not to step on the toes of our readers, and in this case I feel that we have done just that.

I only hope that the staff, students, and faculty of Skyline do not think badly of future news staffs for this incident. The fact of the matter is that everyone makes mistakes and no matter what your opinion on this matter I believe that mistakes have been made.

Such mistakes are necessary for the learning process to occur, and as such the mistakes of this semester have been documented, have been mentioned, and will be remembered for future generations of news writers to learn from.

The Skyline View will continue to publish an April Fools edition each year, however as is our goal in any issue, we will strive to be fair, to be credible, and above all to remain loyal to our readers.