Inscription wanted for new building

The College is seeking an inspirational quotation. The quote shall be in an inscription that will be placed on the front face of the new Student Support and Community Service Center (Building 6).According to President Victoria Morrow, the inspirational quote should meet the following criteria:

· Length: a maximum of 100 characters including spaces between words.· Appropriate to the college’s educational mission and inspirational in relation to it. · Timeless (i.e. no buzz words or jargon) and suitable for a permanent installation.· Written by an author suitable for this permanent use of a quote. · Inclusive and fostering community.

Any member of the college community is invited to submit a quote. The deadline for submission of quotes is May 10, at 4:30pm.The quotes can be submitted in writing to Theresa Tentes (3rd floor, Building 3), electronically to [email protected], or placed in Student Center Quote Proposal boxes in the lobby of Building 1 and the Library (Building 5, 2nd floor)For questions, contact Tom Hewitt at (650) 738-4313 or e-mail [email protected] short list will be submitted to a college-wide vote to take place May 23-25.