Reading into Dan O.

Creative writing students at Skyline got a delightful treat Nov. 30 when Bay Area poet Dan O. came for an intimate reading in the Café.

Dan was soft spoken, but nonetheless enunciated every word as he recited his poetry. The poems centered on themes, such as anger, violence, war, love, relationships, politics, and even feces. One line that stuck out for the crowd was about how, “a cow won’t walk to the ocean, she will return to the barn to be milked and slaughtered.” Dan said this line was about pacifism, and how everyone goes on his or her own path. His poems were full of metaphors like that, as well as being very good at creating imagery.

Dan O., who went to college for philosophy, said taking writing courses in college was to, “protect my poetry from the influence of school.” And though he doesn’t regret courses, he still, “fancies the idea,” now that he has some, “confidence and material.” If you’re interested in finding more material from him, you can read it online at The Homestead Review, Muse Apprentice Guild, Snow Monkey,, and