Green Day revives rock opera on ‘American Idiot’


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Artist: Green DayAlbum:American IdiotGenre: Pop-PunkAlbum Highlights: “Homecoming,” “Jesus of Suburbia”Web Site:

With 16 years of experience backing them up, as well as a legion of bloodthirsty fans willing to defend the trio to the death, the musical sensation known as Green Day is back on the scene. With their newest album having been released Sept. 21, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool are showing the world once more exactly why it is that they’re considered legends in the punk rock industry.

The newest of the band’s albums entitled, “American Idiot” gives listeners a look into the minds of the group which has brought us such hits as “Dookie,” “Nimrod,” “Kerplunk,” and the lesser appreciated “Warning.” Unlike their previous albums however “American Idiot” brings something fresh to the sound we are so used to hearing from three Berkeley based punk rockers.

Moving into a territory the band has yet to explore the album features 2 tracks entitled, “Jesus of Suburbia,” and “Homecoming,” both of which spanning 9 minutes take us into the world of epic rock opera.

Beyond that, the entire album is a compliment to itself, with many of the songs making mention to other songs also on the disk, it keeps you guessing whether or not you’re listening to the track you think you are, up until the music stops and you never really were sure of anything.

Overall, the album is a very accurate reflection of how the band has grown over the years. Not necessarily leaving behind their old hits that rocked the nation, but definitely mixing things up with a new style that will hopefully continue to rock the nation for years to come.