Health center to promote better smoking habits

Maybe you have noticed the new red signs posted on several of the doors around campus. Perhaps the colorful display in the stairwell of building 2 has caught your eye. But regardless of whether you have noticed it or not, the laws on smoking are changing.

The new law states that no one may smoke closer than 20 feet (which was increased from 15 feet) from the doorways, windows, and air vents. This new law is combined with another law regarding the littering of butts, which has led to the birth of Skyline’s Courteous Smoker Day.

Courteous Smoker Day will take place on Sept. 15, from 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. in front of building 2, and on Sept. 22 in front of building 8 during the same hours. On both days there will be a booth set up and the health center will be giving away portable ash trays as well as providing information on how to quit smoking.

There will also be a T-shirt raffle. On one of the T-shirts is a picture of a blackened skeleton with the words “Smoking-it sucks,” and another with a picture that looks like it was taken from an old movie with the inscription, “Mind if I smoke, care if I die?” on it.

“Instead of saying you have to quit smoking, we want people to be aware of what their smoking does to others,” said Jan Gersonde, school nurse at Skyline. Gersonde would also like students to know that the health center, located in building 2, room 2209, always has information on how to quit smoking.