Blazing a new trail to hell

Love. Passion. Warmth. Caring. These are not the words to describe “Hell Pit,”the new album from Insane Clown Posse’s (ICP).

Known to be the most hated and loved band in the world, ICP takes it up a notch with completing their series of joker’s cards.

On Aug. 31, ICP’s long-awaited album, the second half to their sixth jokers card, was released to the hands of ICP’s many hardcore fans: the juggalos.

With wickedly creepy beats and horror filled lyrics, ICP has really put themselves deeper into the world of underground music.

The album contains 17 tracks of the most evil, malicious, horrific music to date in their 12 years of existence. It is exactly what their adoring juggalo fans have been waiting for- a return to the “horror-rap” with a dash ingenuity of their more recent work.

“Hell’s Pit” takes the listener back to the roots of ICP, with the gory antics of chopping heads, making love to witches and an eerie fixation with the world of the supernatural. It is not all horror and gore though; ICP, as always, put in the element of loneliness, which is an aspect of life they enjoy touching up on often.

Songs like “Bowling Ball” and “Manic Depressive” really puts the listener where ICP wants them to be: in a lost world of confusion with voodoo spells, depression, blood, and of course, thought. The listener cannot help but think where these frantic thoughts and obsessions come from. In a weird and bizarre way, this band makes the listener think back on their life.

A very peculiar song is “Angel’s Falling.” This track is about a young man who has lost love. He deals with it in ways that others might find odd–by shooting guns, throwing Chinese stars, spraying mace and other things into the sky. All he wants is answers as to why his girlfriend has died, why she has been taken away. No one answers so he keeps shooting until he finds the fallen angel he is looking for. This is just a step into the little world ICP has created.

Although this album is not meant to be liked by all especially the faint of heart, it definitely should be heard by most. This is not necessarily because the album or lyrics are awe inspiring or life changing, but because it is different, catchy and has the most important element to any good album-it’s entertaining.