Genentech helps to expand Horizons


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On March 20, Skyline College and The Genentech Foundation presented the 24th annual San Mateo County Expanding Your Horizons Conference for Math and Science.Expanding Your Horizons is held as a conference for young women between the 6th and 12th grades as an opportunity for them to learn about new and interesting.The overall goals of the conference can be boiled down into four points. To promote education as a means of expanding young women’s options, to increase young women’s awareness about math and science, to foster awareness of career opportunities for women in science and math related fields, and to provide an opportunity for participants forge to and form personal contacts with women working in traditional and non-traditional fields.Among the 51 different workshops for young women, included were subjects including DNA, diseases, bugs, physical therapy, and pennies. In addition to the many workshops available, contests were held and prizes awarded to anyone who was able to correctly answer various questions posted around the campus.Christine Case, the organizer of the event, told The Skyline View, “The presenters said that it was the smoothest the event has ever run, the girls really had a terrific time.”Overall this year’s Expanding Your Horizons was a huge success, and will attempt to continue that success into next year when the conference comes around again.Turn to page 4 for a photo essay on the Expanding Your Horizons event.