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It’s hard to believe that when people think of Skyline College, they don’t think of its beauty. For many, the first thing that would come to mind might be the fog, then maybe budget cuts, but the loveliness of its surrounding hills and gorgeous lookout point is never in the forefront.True enough, if Skyline was a house for sale, it would be wrong not to list that it has lots of “fix-it-up” potential. Many of the buildings have the outward appearance of being coffee-stained and the various interiors could all stand a good refurbishing, but 30 years of continuous use will make anything look used.So, without further ado, The Skyline View happily looks forward to the fall semester when, at last, the great rebuilding on campus begins. While the plans have been a long time coming, it is something that everyone who has ever attended this school should eagerly look forward to.In the master plan, there includes a completely new science wing, a new student union, the transformation of the roundabout on the quad into a proper quad, as well as many others. The official groundbreaking will take place in September or October, a time which will be upon the campus sooner than it sounds.Perhaps the jewel of this project will be the new science building. Anyone who has had a class in building 7 could vouch for its less than savory jail-cell windows (the jail is on the other side of the hill, thank you). And let’s not forget about the horrid ventilation that makes sweltering days that much more unbearable. Not to say that the building would only improve cosmetically. The school would, without a doubt, benefit from new lab facilities. As science and technology professions are becoming increasingly important in the lives of people from the Bay Area, it is only fitting that Skyline provide the appropriate channels through which students can get experience and an education that is not deemed sub-par.While the pursuit of higher education is the main reason one attends college, there are other elements that are equally important, for example networking with other students. In a highly populous area such as this, it is practically a necessity to be able to work with groups of people, whether they’re large or small. What better place to learn this than at school? With the new student union that will be built, Skyline students will have a place to meet, mingle, and work with other students. It is also proposed that the new cafeteria will be put in the union, which would definitely solidify it as the place where things are happening on campus.These are just a few of the big renovations to come, but there will be many more. With the recent passing of Proposition 55, the school will be receiving more money for such projects. With this, the possibility of what is to come seems endless. Will there be new athletic facilities? Perhaps. Computers to use in every building? Probably. The list goes on. Even though the state of the school might seem shoddy now, good things are on the way.