Cañada College professor elected to the board of governors

Cañada College professor Sondra Saterfield was appointed to the California Community College Board of Governors on Nov. 11 by former Gov. Davis.

The board of governors sets policies and guidelines for the 108 community colleges across the state. The purpose of this board is to strengthen the system of communications, policy development, and to ensure the quality and effectiveness of college operations and programs. They share statewide responsibilities and regulate the educational codes for community colleges.

Saterfield will be representing community college faculty members from across the state. She will be one of only two faculty members that will be serving on the board of governors.

Kate Clark of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges said that Saterfield had to go through a long procedure to be a part of the board.

“Sondra went through a process where her community college or a faculty member had to nominate her,” Clark said. “She had to fill out an application and send a statement to be reviewed by a committee. They then whittled that down to the most qualified and interviewed each participant to a final three people. Those three nominations were sent to the governor and he picked Sondra.”

According to Clark this position has been vacant for the past two years and expires in January 2004. Members are hoping that Gov. Schwarzenegger will keep the position active.

“We hope that Gov. Schwarzenegger will maintain continuity in the appointment of the board of governors,” Clark said.

Helga Martin, board liaison and assistant to the chancellor for the board of governors, said in an e-mail that the reason the position has been vacant for at least three years is that no one had been officially appointed to that position.

Martin also said that Patricia Siever, former faculty board member from 1998 to 2000, served in that position unofficially from January 2000 until November 2002. And now Saterfield is filling the position.

Clark and other members are looking forward to working with Saterfield. They are anticipating that she will bring a positive faculty perspective as well as her classroom skills and knowledge to the board.

“Few people who sit on the board of governors have attended a community college,” Clark said. “We are hoping that Sondra will bring the community college feel to the board along with ideas of her own.”

At press time, Saterfield was unavailable for comment.