Volleyball spikes a victory

     The Skyline Women’s volleyball team played its first game of the season here at home on Sept. 10. If this game is in any way indicative of how the rest of the season will pan out then we are in for a great year.
     Opposing team Cosumnes River College of Sacramento lost to the Trojans or the “ladies” as they affectionately call themselves, won all three sets.
     “I couldn’t have done it without my setter, Amy,” said Traci Laeha, who scored 11 kills during the game.
     The game started off strong for the lady Trojans as they took a quick lead in set one. The score at one point was 13-1 with Skyline in the lead. The Trojans cooled off and Cosumnes River was able to make a big effort to come back. At the end of the first set Consumnes River was edged out and Skyline took the lead 31-29.
     Going into set two the Trojans took an early lead. In fact, Skyline was at 17 before Consumnes River got to 2. Eventually the gap began to close as Consumnes only doubled their score with us at 22 compared to their 11. The opposition kept fighting, but for every time a point was scored, the Trojans would increase two-fold.
     The excitement mounted during the third set as Cosumnes attempted to make their comeback. At first it seemed like they might do it with the score being 1-1 then 6-6. But then the Trojans blew past them again to a six point lead with the score 12-6. Consumnes fought to come back but in the end all they could muster was 21 to 30.
     “Our team did a good job today and hopefully more wins (are) to come,” said Amy Hoang who had 28 assists and 20 digs. “They definitely made good on their promise to focus on defense as they gave everything they could to keep the ball in play and keep the other teams scores pretty consistently low.”
     “This is the start of a building year. The team has potential… today they showed that they will be a team to contend with,” said Women’s volleyball team Assistant Coach Rayannah “Ray” Salahuddin.