Women’sVolleyball looking for a net success

     The Skyline volleyball team enters this season with high hopes and a goal of improving their 2002 season record.
     “We will be much more competitive than last year,” said Jan Fosberg, volleyball head coach. “We’re much more deep. Our goal is to finish better than last year.”
     That won’t be too hard to do as the Trojans finished with a record of 2-13 overall, 1-12 in division competition, both wins coming at the beginning of the season. They finished a disappointing last in the Coast (South Division) Conference.
     Nevertheless, the team goes into this season with nothing to lose, and embraces being a sleeper team in their division.
     “We’re very promising,” said defensive server Meinani Villareal.
     “Although we’re a short team, we’re focusing on defense,” said outside hitter Lily Bandong.
     Other top schools, such as West Valley and San Jose, have far more height and experience than the Trojans, but the team hopes to overcome both using their defense and heart.
     “We’re going to kick a**,” Villareal and Bandong said.