A Zombie’s Tea Party Invitation

     The CD that I am reviewing is named, “Shards of the Looking Glass” by Zombie’s Tea Party.
     Their official website is www.zombiesteaparty.com and you can find more information on them there.
     With members, Dylan on violin, Corey on keyboard, Chyckin on bass, Misty on vocals, as well as a drum machine and Pro Tools programming named Skullboy, in the album sleeve, Zombie’s Tea Party is a eclectic bunch. But this is a review, so let’s get to it.
     When the album starts, you’re put into an up-tempo song about trying to kill a doctor to stop the curing of sick people. My personal pick for stand-out tracks are, “Pout,” “Ocean of Salt,” or “Sweatshirt.” It’s not very easy to describe the musical style of ZTP if you have never heard any of their songs from their many EP’s floating around the Peninsula. I have heard it called “gutter-goth” before and that’s not too far from an accurate description.
     It is predominately synth driven but with heavy bass guitar all throughout. The drums are synthetic all throughout the album. Despite it being programmed the percussion in most songs are not to be trusted as they sound like they belong to another song, not the one you hear them in. Then there are a few tracks such as, “ether bunny” which use live violin tracks. And while the effort is commendable their violin parts may fit the album better if done on a synthesizer. The parts created could sound more competent and, may it sound funny, add richness to the tracks. Another complaint is that the violins parts in all the songs featuring violin sound too similar. I actually do like this album on the whole because it tries to do a lot and it is original. It’s like an experiment that failed. I blame the weight of their ambition for the rough sound that permeates the entire album. It’s a beautiful disaster and because of that may be able to find a niche that will appreciate it for what it is.
     The only real weak point of the band that doesn’t seem like it will improve is lyricist and vocalist Misty. His voice doesn’t fit the music they are making. His poor high-schoolish doom and gloom lyrics may improve if given time but his voice doesn’t have the range or skills needed to be front man of a band.
     But all of this may be inconsequential since as of right now the band is rumored to be dissolved. This album is full of potential, but it may not be meant to be, much like how Texas band At The Drive-In shattered while on the rise to fame. I’d be curious to hear what becomes of the musical careers of ZTP if this were also the case.
     It has been said that all anyone needs to be sucessful in music is time and talent. Maybe in time someone from ZTP will become more talented and rise to the occasion. Will they be another Sparta or can one of them pull a The Mars Volta and start the ascension to reaching their goal of ruling the world?