Concert Killers

First off what I am about to say may seem like a rant to you the reader but I assure you it is not. To prove myself I will tell you my thesis statement for this article. It is, “It is my opinion that people should not ever smoke at concerts and security should tighten up on those breaking the law.” All right, with that out of the way let’s begin. Going to concerts is a special time for me. They cost a lot of money so the fact that I’m getting a ticket means I really want to see the band. It is also a very personal thing for me that I immensely dislike being around smokers. When I was a child it was just a personal preference but since then I’ve nearly died of cancer. It ravaged my entire body, including my lungs, twice. Because of my father’s smoking when I was a child I got asthma, bronchitis, and weakened everything on account of my lungs that developed poorly. So usually I just walk away, ask them to put it out, or cry till they feel bad for me. But at a concert I’ve tried and none of those work. The worst part is that in California it’s not even legal to smoke at concerts, indoor or outdoor. But because of such poor security habits and standards, no one can stop the cigarette and pot kids who insist on making me put my life in jeopardy just to see my favorite band. Don’t believe I’m a tattle-tale or anything either because that is my very last resort, always. I always start with asking, move on to asking harshly, and then I mention my medical history. But if those don’t work I’m left with asking the nearest security guard for help. But all they do is ask them to put it out so they can bring another one out later or they don’t see anything and can’t do anything. Usually they are angrier with me for asking them to work. Which I think is wrong, I mean it’s the law; it shouldn’t be so hard to give me more safety. Besides, I can only complain if the offending smokers are within two or three people away from me. If they are any further then that it’s too far for me to complain about their smoking. So now I have made my complaint and here’s what I think should be done to change what’s wrong with concert going: First we have to have guards who enforce the laws stricter. Guards who if they catch people in the act eject them from the show immediately. Another thing that should be done is with the concert goers themselves and I’m not talking about the jerks smoking I’ll get to them later. I’m talking about the people who are there and don’t do anything while watching people break the law. They should be helping everyone have fun at the show and tell smokers to stop or report them to the blue coats doing security. Third, this is for the people who go to shows and smoke; STOP IT! It’s against the law, disgusting, unhealthy, selfish, cruel, and in no way necessary to improve the experience. If you like the band you’ll like them whether your straight, high, smoking cigs, shooting dope, taking smack, snorting crack, injecting heroin, or sniffing glue so please just be there to live for the moment. Smokers and smoking supporters (and if you don’t stop them you are a supporter) please do what you can to stop the smoking at concerts if not for yourself then for me and all those like me who want to have a fun and healthy time next time the band they love comes into town, thank you.