‘X-Men 2’ X-plodes onto the silver screen

     The movie starts off with a guided tour for adults and children through the White House. A suspicious looking man is separated from the rest of the tourist. A security guard notices him just standing in one the hallways and asks if he’s lost. Before you can even blink, a tail whips out from underneath the man’s trench coat and the security guard is slammed to the ground. The man is a mutant.
 The fast blue mutant, known to avid comic book fans as Nightcrawler, is able to teleport through the rooms and halls of the White House in hopes of finding the oval office where the president is.
     After an action-packed, butt-kicking scene, the creature gets shot in the back. This doesn’t kill him though, and he teleports out of there leaving everyone left behind mystified.
 Don’t worry, nothing has been spoiled, this was only the first three to four minutes of the movie, “X2: X-Men United.”
     What a great start for a highly anticipated movie. Filled with exciting action scenes and a plethora of new characters, you can’t help but keep your eyes glued to the big screen.
     With the cast of characters being the same as the first movie, they are reunited, ready to deal with the battle for human and mutant co-existence on earth.
     Logan “Wolverine” returns from his journey of trying to find his past. He is greeted by Rogue and her new boyfriend Bobby “Iceman,” who was introduced in the first movie but has more depth in the sequel. Jean Grey and Storm, who are on their way, to find the mutant who planned the attack on the president also greet him.
     Each character has a human element then anyone can relate to. Rogue, being the most tragic character of all, due to the fact that any physical contact with anyone could cause them harm, makes viewers feel for her loss of human connection.
     Logan, not knowing about his past, puts an element to the story that makes viewers want to help him.
     These are just a few of the personalities among many that are interesting. If anything, each mutant has more human characteristics in them, then the humans themselves.
     The budget for this movie was definitely bigger and it showed. The costumes, special effects and characters proved it to be bigger. The director played around more with the special effects and the plot. He has definitely outdone himself, making “X2” which is a hard thing to do because with many comic book movies it can be a hit or miss. “X2” is a definite hit!
     This a movie that any comic book lover, action movie lover, or simply any person who likes special effects can enjoy.