Cross country team axed to save money

     The Skyline College cross-country team has run straight into a roadblock.
     Due to the recent state budget cuts, Skyline College decided to cut the cross-country team from the athletic program.
     “Cross-country, by all means, was a difficult decision,” said Andreas Wolf, Skyline College athletic director and dean of the physical education division. “Unfortunately, it’s that way in every division.”
     Skyline College, as a whole, was forced to cut back a total of about $3 million, according to Wolf. The athletic program saved approximately $15 thousand by cutting the cross-country team alone.
     The cross-country season would have taken place this fall semester. According to Head Coach Mike Fitzgerald his whole cross country team has been cut.
     “It’s for good,” Fitzgerald said. “But hopefully we can bring it back in 2004.”
     With all the budget cuts, it puts the college administrators in a difficult situation, including Wolf.
      “Even though it’s a difficult decision, you have to make those decisions.” Wolf said.
     But Fitzgerald continues to remain optimistic for the future of the team.
     “Hopefully, it’s only for a year or two,” he said. “I’m trying to help with the budget cuts. I’m trying to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.”