Skyline View student survival tip

     If you don’t do it, nobody will…
     Are you overwhelmed with your everyday responsibilities? Most of us would agree there is not enough time to do anything. Everyone tends to procrastinate and leave the more important tasks for the end. To do an A+ job on of your daily responsibilities here are some tips on how to avoid procrastination:
   1. Break it down- Break down the bigger projects into smaller ones, so they can be handled in an easier way
   2. Set time limits- Focus your time and set limits for each project. Every project requires more, than the amount you fix. Use a timer to remind yourself when “Time’s up!”
   3. Examine your self-talk- If you say the phrases “I gotta…” or “I have to…” try to replace it with “I choose to…” This will help you remember that you choose what you want do. If there is something that you choose not to do, don’t do it.
   4. Planning- Plan your schedule for the upcoming week. Schedule important activities along with your intentions for them. Label the activities as urgent or non-urgent. Urgent activities should be the primary ones since they have a deadline, while the non-urgent activities can wait.
   5. Appointments- Catch up on your administrative work like paying the bills or keeping up with your homework. If you treat this time like you have an appointment with someone else, you will not cancel.
   6. Prepare- Put aside 15 minutes at the end of the day to look at the calendar for the next day. Collect the things you need for the next day so you will be easily prepared.
   Whenever you feel like putting things off, just remember that it doesn’t get better until it’s over!