Sisters propelling in multiple sports

     Amanda and Betsy Cordoba played soccer last year are focusing on other sporting activities this spring semester. Track, soccer, and baseball.
     Amanda, 18, is running track for CSM, and attending school at Skyline College. Betsy, 19, is public announcing for the baseball team and lives in San Jose wakes up early in the morning to get to class by 9 o’clock. Amanda Cordoba started her new job recently at the front desk in San Mateo for Playstation. Cordoba works 12 hours per week along with her class schedule of Human Anatomy and Speech at Skyline.
     For some students it is difficult to play sports, work, and go to school because of the travel they have to do. Also getting homework makes it even more difficult. This is how Amanda feels.
     “It’s hard because it’s far away (traveling from Skyline to CSM).” Amanda said. “It’s kind of hard to balance it out when I get home I am tired. I simply come home and study. It’s difficult but I know I am going to do well.”
     With a background in track, Amanda enjoys running because it’s one of her strengths compared to playing soccer, which is difficult for her.
     “Track at CSM I am loving it,” Amanda said. “Right now it’s my sport. I think at this point I can actually say that I like track more than I like soccer. As much as I am not that good, I know that I can get a lot better.”
     With Amanda’s speed she hopes she can use that to get a scholarship in track. Next year Amanda would like to train with the cross country team to better herself for track at CSM.
     “I want a scholarship in track,” Amanda said. “I think I have a better chance in getting somewhere with that.”
     This spring Betsy calls the lineups during Skyline baseball home games. She got the job from baseball head coach Dino Nomicos and is very happy from how it turned it out. To Betsy she is grateful of Nomicos.
     “I know so many people that spoke so well about this man,” Betsy said. “I am so thankful I couldn’t ask for another type of man or somebody that I can look up to than Dino. His words are so knowledgeable as far working hard, always playing with heart. He is always pushing me towards the right way and giving me good advice.”
     Growing up in separate houses because both Amanda and Betsy have different mothers it was hard for them to see one another. Amanda and Betsy have the same dad and still have their father’s traits.
     “It’s weird, we think like our dad and its funny because we bump heads a lot and it’s almost like my dad she probably says the same thing. We have the same thing, our attitude. We both are hard workers and we both know what it is to struggle, we both know that we want more in life. I think that is what it comes down to. We have a lot of heart and a lot of pride.” said Betsy of her sister Amanda.
     Last semester both Betsy and Amanda played soccer together. Amanda is just starting while Betsy has played since she was five so the different contrasts can help them both. During the season Amanda got some playing experience even though it was difficult coming from high school.
     “Playing here, the level is a lot higher and there is more expectations. It was pretty hard and I tried my best,” said Amanda.
     Along with getting to know one another and having the same traits Amanda admires the way Betsy sets good examples.
     “I look up to her,” Amanda said. “Her dedication to her sport. Her passion for it and she helped me a lot. She teaches me sometimes and I try to learn from her.”
     Skyline women’s head coach Kevin Corisglia who coached them both last semester thinks both Amanda and Betsy have similarities in their playing style. Corsiglia said that both players are quick in a March 11 e-mail interview.
     “Amanda has more pure speed from her track background,” Corsiglia wrote. “Betsy has speed with the ball. Betsy is more technical. She has more skill on the ball. She can cut, throw moves, and take players on 1 verses 1. Amanda is more of a pass and move player. She is supportive and always tries to be an option.”
     Also as their coach Corsiglia helps both Betsy and Amanda on their soccer game. With Betsy, she plays the central midfielder position in soccer, which is equivalent to a point guard in basketball where they have to control the game, make passes, be supportive and knows when to take the shot. Amanda works on being calm and using her speed as an asset to her soccer game.
     Betsy wants to get a scholarship and play soccer for either a division one college like San Diego State University or a division two colleges like Sacramento State or Long Beach, so they can pay for her to go to school. In the future Betsy would like to prolong her career in soccer at the next level in the state of California.
      “The SDSU campus I just want to get away and explore other parts of the state.” Besty said.