WOW! conference adds more speakers

         On March 8, 2003, Skyline College will be holding a conference for both readers and writers. The word around campus is that not many of you know about it, and if that’s the case, then you better pay particular attention as to why you’ll want to attend.
         WOW! (Women On Writing) is a celebration in which an array of diverse and inspirational artist and writers will be giving panel discussions as well as workshops to assist you on improving your writing skills as well as goals. The selection of women, and the few men, varies from writers, teachers, actors, poets as well as playwrights. This particular conference is important for both men and women to attend because it really is a first of its kind in Northern Californian Peninsula.
         Among the many women and men who will be participating, are members of the Skyline Staff, as well as journalist Stephanie Salter of the San Francisco Chronicle. Stephanie is a new addition to the panelist of artist and writers in which she will be offering a workshop in Journalism that is still to be announced. If you are interested in journalism, whether you are a man or a woman, this will be a great opportunity for you to get a perspective on what a career in journalism is about from a professional in the field.
         The coordinator of this event, Marijane Datson, wants men to know that they are “encouraged to attend” and to not be unenthusiastic just because the title of the conference is named “Women On Writing.” There will be men who are playwrights and actors who have worked on women’s issues and struggles. Among the few men who will be on the panel is Richard Goodman, who is working on a play about Mary Lincolns Insanity Trial.Some important information that you might want to know about this conference is as follows:
         1. The writing workshops have cut off lines at 30 people, which means first come first serve.
         2. These writing workshops will last about two hours and give you an opportunity to write stories of your own and receive feedback from the presenters.
         3. Although these writing workshops are limited to a maximum of 30 people, you have the alternative to attend the other workshops which consist of Plays, Publishing as well as Children’s’ Literature.
         4. It is important that you sign up for this conference by February 21 because as coordinator Marijane Datson said “Don’t wait until the last minute to register, we expect to sell out, so they [people] shouldn’t wait until the last day, February 21.” She also mentioned “at the door it may be too late.”