Saves the Day


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     Saves the Day     “Rocks Tonic Juice Magic” (3:27)     2000     Sounds like: Five hot guys expressing      Hannibal’s heartbroken lust for a lost love.
     Everyone has been in love with someone so much at one time that when their heart was broken, they wanted to dig out the eyes of their ex with “rusty” spoons and saw off a piece of their thigh to keep forever, right? OK…maybe it’s just me, but either way, the fine boys of Saves the Day, whether they be alternative, punk, emo, new world, or whatever people call rock bands these days, know how to express their deepest (and sometimes maybe just a tad bit psychotic) emotions into one raging song. At the risk of head banging yourself right off the road, I would not recommend listening to this song while driving!