Its still Sunny In Philadelphia

Always Sunny in Philadelphia season started on Thursday Sep 23. Fans of the show will not be disappointed, as it seems the gang is preparing for yet another hilarious season.

All of the original characters are back with new ideas in order to keep the show fresh. The first episode left me feeling like I had missed a lot during the off-season though. It started out with Glenn Howertons’ character, Dennis, married to a women new to the show. Also Frank and Charlie were involved in a marriage together, for legal reasons, and Sweet Dee dating a married man.

Although I found the premise of the show funny, I found Dee’s character a little unbelievable; because of the way they try to hide the fact that she’s noticeably pregnant. During shooting of the latest season actor Kaitlin Olson, had a baby boy, named Axel lee.

This makes me wonder if the show will try and work the pregnancy into the storyline, or continue to hide it for the rest of the season.

I look forward to finding out and watching the gang up to their usual antics. Seeing the first episode diffidently left me wanting to see more.

I’m glad to see that the personalities of the characters haven’t changed especially Danny DeVito’s character Frank, who promises to deliver another great comedic performance. Get ready for a great sixth season of the show that will not disappoint.