Brown’s In Town!


Sean Siapno

Examples of brown clothing to fit your style

Brown is on the rise to being the most dominant color in fashion right now. I bet you can spot at least six people in a room wearing some shade of brown. However, the color is so bland at first glance. Never in a million years would I have expected this color to be so successful the way it is now. So what caused the color brown to be so popular nowadays?

While brown is a basic color, it falls under the same category as white and black: neutral colors.

Kiana Cabie, a second-year sociology student, says, “There’s so many shades of brown; it goes with everything, and it’s just cute.” 

Brown is a color that’s really easy to style around. For example, just by pairing a brown hoodie or jacket with light-washed jeans, you’re already on your way to turning heads. I think the simplicity of an outfit like this really sells its clean and stylish look. Brown tones don’t just end with tops but can be seen in pants as well. From brown corduroys to khaki-colored cargo pants, these are just some of the latest clothing you will see people wearing.

Photo taken by: Kenneth Roque, @woahken on Instagram
Model: Chaela Tecson, @chaelamt on Instagram

While brown is not my favorite color, it is a go-to whenever I want to dress nicely without trying. In general, I believe comfy everyday looks are trending right now, and this shade is in the centerfold of it. 

I can see brown being a trend that lasts very long, as you can’t go wrong with it. It’s versatile, fresh, and clean, every aspect of what makes trends in fashion last for a very long time. So, get yourself some nice brown clothing to style simple but trendy outfits.