Quick breakfast ideas for people on the grind

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The most important meal of the day is time-consuming and as college students we often think we don’t have time for what is supposed to be an essential part of our day.

Due to the fact that we so often run out of time in the morning, we grab a donut, or a muffin and call it a day; however, it is important to note that dessert is not breakfast.

If you are a college student looking for new and quick breakfast ideas, or just looking to try something new, here are a few ideas:

1. Overnight oats:

Overnight oats is a combination of oatmeal with your choice of milk and additional toppings. The best thing about overnight oats is that you can add, or not add all the toppings you desire.

A classic overnight oats recipe consists of milk and rolled oats and from there the rest is your choice. Then you can let it sit in the fridge overnight instead of cooking.

Most recipes are similar to these:


2. Chia seed pudding

Like overnight oats, Chia seed pudding is another idea that will be convenient if you have more time to prepare meals the night before. Chia seed pudding calls for chia seeds which have great health benefits and milk of your choice coupled with a sweetener; preferably a natural one.

While the recipe is simple, additional toppings such as fruits and nuts may be added.

To learn how to make the base for chia seed puddings visit:



Most of the items in the recipes can be swapped out, such as substituting coconut milk or dairy milk instead of almond milk.

There are countless breakfast ideas but in order to keep it short we will share one more that doesn’t require overnight preparation.

3. Toast and fruit:

This last suggestion does not call for a billion steps. All that is needed is bread and grabbing a fruit.

Whether it is whole wheat or sourdough, the bread slices can quickly be toasted as you get ready in the morning. Following that, you can add a lighter jam to your bread.

If you need something to accompany the toast, fruit is a great option. There are so many fruit options, but my personal favorite to have in the morning is bananas and apples.

As college students we might think that breakfast is the last thing in the world we have time for, but as we approach stressful time periods it is important to keep quick options in mind to ensure focus in class and success in our routines.