Take a hike

A look at Skyline College's backyard trail

Colorful plants, such as this blue toadflax, surround Sweeney Ridges.

When thinking of a good, photogenic place to hike, we often go near the city or even further south of the bay. But what if there’s a place in the backyard of Skyline College? Sweeney Ridge is a mountainous hiking trail a few miles south of Skyline College.

In this day and age, a place worth visiting should be also worth a post on Instagram or whatever social media platform you use. Sweeney Ridge has beautiful views of the San Andreas Lake, the southern part of the Bay Area and the Pacific Ocean. The trail is a good combination of both urban and rural areas of the bay.

But that doesn’t mean the good spots are easy to get to. The hike consists of mostly hills so this trail isn’t for people who don’t usually go on hikes; be prepared for a climb. There also isn’t much cover from the sun, so on a hot day, it’s best taking it slow and bring along a lot of water and sunscreen.