The Museum of Ice Cream

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Cherries, cotton candy, and of course ice cream could all be found as Insta-worthy backdrops at the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC).

The MOIC started in New York City then made its way to Los Angeles, and then San Francisco, the closest location to Skyline.

At first, it was nearly impossible to get tickets to the MOIC. Tickets sell out within minutes after going on sale. At $38 a ticket, visitors can expect quite the experience.

The MOIC is not like a typical art museum. There are giant props of cherries and gummy bears everywhere. Like most modern art, perhaps, you won’t really understand the deeper meaning. However, this art museum isn’t meant for a deeper meaning.

Initially, visitors are grouped with a team and asked to choose a team name. Before being allowed into the ice cream vault, you are presented with a few facts about ice cream (which is the most you’ll learn from this experience). The team is first asked by the guide to answer a few trivia questions, and from there the fun begins.

With a little over 10 rooms, the MOIC is a one-way-only museum, meaning once you leave one room you can’t go back. With the exception of the climbing the rock wall, swimming in sprinkle pool and eating ice cream, most rooms are not that interactive. The experience will go by fairly quick unless you take your time and pose for the pictures.

Bright, pink and sugary fun is the way to describe the MOIC experience. Most rooms are filled with pink details or rainbows and incorporate some sort of treat.

At a high-cost, visitors would expect more than 3 ½ treats. The truth is you will be disappointed with the amount of ice cream you get at the MOIC: one small scoop of cherry ice cream, one small piece of mochi, cotton candy and if you’re lucky enough, a special token for a free scoop for your choice of one of two flavors found at the end of the museum.

The rooms themselves were colorful, but if you spent time roaming around there is not much to do. Most of the fun comes from the interactive exhibits, although there are not many.

The only timed room is the sprinkle pool, perhaps because it’s a popular opportunity. If the MOIC had a few more stops in which visitors could have an equal level of fun, and not just a stop to pose for pictures and include a few more treats, maybe it would make the price a little more worth it.

There is no denying how artsy the MOIC will make your Instagram feed. However, keep in mind that you’re paying nearly $40 for a chance to pose for pictures.

At the end, there are three different swing sets, but people are lining up for their pictures so you won’t get much of chance to enjoy the swings.

If you didn’t score tickets to the MOIC, you didn’t miss much but a big Instagram shoot. There still may be hope to attend. In a recent newsletter, the MOIC announced big news is coming for their San Francisco location.

The MOIC will bring out your inner child but you might want to save the $40 unless you really want the photos.