Tickle your taste buds

You can eat one or ten, sour candy grapes are easy to make in large batches.

Brian Silverman/The Skyline View

You can eat one or ten, sour candy grapes are easy to make in large batches.

Ever needed a quick, cheap, and tasty snack? Well here is a recipe great for parties, picnics, or personal enjoyment.

These sour candy grapes are delicious, and can be a slightly healthier alternative to the sour candies many people enjoy. The preparation time is about 20 minutes, but if you’re making it in large quantities it will take a bit longer.

The ingredient list is not extensive or expensive, you can get everything at your local grocery store except for citric acid. Citric acid can be purchased at Amazon.com or Walmart.

For this particular recipe, tonic water was used in place of water. The tonic water adds a little bitter tang to the sour candy grapes. However, if you don’t like the taste of tonic water, regular water will do just fine.

Begin by prepping your bowls. Have a separate bowls for the Jello-O powder and water. If you have more than one flavor for the Jell-O, have a separate bowl for each flavor as to not mix them.

Pour the ⅓ bag of Jell-O powder into the bowls. Next, add the half teaspoon of citric acid to the Jell-O powders. Stir the powders to mix the flavors. Keep in mind that the citric acid is the sour component to this ingredient. Add more or less depending on how sour you want the grapes to turn out.

Once all of the prepping is done, you’re ready to make the sour candy grapes. Be sure to rinse your grapes first. Then, start by rolling the grapes in the water bowl. Make sure the grape is moist on all sides, then stick a toothpick in it. Next roll the grape in whatever flavor you want it to be. Make sure the grape is fully coated with the Jell-O powder and citric acid mixture.

Once you’ve coated all the grapes you want, put them in the fridge for 15 to 20 minutes or until chilled. After that, they should be ready for consumption.

Altogether, this recipe shouldn’t cost you more than $15 to make. And making them won’t take longer than 20 minutes. Of course, if you are making it in large batches, it would cost more and take more time. Otherwise, this is the perfect quick and easy treat that will tickle you and your friend’s sour taste buds. Great for big and small events.

The main ingredients:

  • seedless green grapes
    half a teaspoon of
    citric acid
    water or tonic water
    1/3 bag of Jell-O powder (your choice of flavor)