A spa treatment college students can afford

David Perez, TSV Staff Writer

Back to school blues can stress out even the most fearless student. Between new responsibilities, mountains of new information, and classrooms full of new people, a student’s hair can become as frazzled as their nerves. The last thing on people’s lists might be making time for a spa treatment, but a little “me time” might be just what the doctor ordered.

Lucky Skyline students have just the opportunity they need, located only steps away at the on-campus spa. Located in building 4, coordinator Kim Jackson oversees the activities of Skyline’s cosmetology students as they learn the ropes while running a fully operational spa. The spa offers treatments and services that range from simple haircuts to peels and waxing, and eventually massages and facials.

Location is not the only benefit for Skyline students. Every Monday through Thursday students receive a 20 percent discount on all services offered at the spa. At the nine week mark of the semester the spa will also be offering “free days” for anyone bold enough to receive their services from the program’s freshmen. Candice Dombkowski, head of client services, assures us that after nine weeks of training the students will be well-seasoned in their skills.
Cosmetology Instructor Karen Nielsen is eager to get students and clients of all sorts to utilize the spa’s many services. The key is getting the word out.

“If I really feel like spoiling myself, I might try it” Criminology major Samattra Vuthy said, “depends on the cost.”
With the student discounts and many other deals on offer at the spa, you can’t afford not to spoil yourself this semester.