Brand Spankin’ New: Guerrero’s Taqueria 2

Lea Naqishbendi, TSV Staff Writer

Guerreros Taqueria No 2

713 Hickey Blvd, Pacifica, CA 94044 (650) 738-0114

An authentic Mexican restaurant that is affordable and delicious is hard to find these days, let alone one where the food comes out fast and without the fast food service. Guerrero’s Taqueria No. 2 fits the above description, and with the already fabulous reputation of their original Guerrero’s Taqueria in the Valley Mar district of Pacifica, they’ve been welcomed warmly by the community as the newest addition to the Fairmont Shopping Center in Pacifica.

Now Guerrero’s is available closer to neighboring cities with their opening Sept. 7, 2013 at 713 Hickey Blvd. Despite its location being within a shopping center, the family owned taqueria offers that extension of family to their guests. As you walk in the door to their humble yet comforting establishment, you’ll notice the restaurant has about seven to ten tables and one big flat screen television you can count on showing sports games. Dining in or out the staff will make you feel at home and not you rush you.

They stayed steady with business the entirety of the visit, and mostly took orders for their super items: quesadillas, nachos, and burritos. The food, of grand proportions, will fill you up and leave you with more than a midnight snack to go home with. The staff is generous with their chips and salsa too, not making you pay for that needed snack to tithe you over while you anticipate your order as the aroma from which lingers in the air.

If you order any of the above items you won’t be disappointed. The cooks load the dishes up with enough sour cream, guacamole, and fresh pico de gallo that you won’t have to beg or pay for more. The steak is delicious and full of flavor, and chicken seasoned to perfection. These options definitely aren’t diet, but the freshness won’t leave you with this intense sense of regret. Healthier options ordered were the shrimp tacos, ordered by every third person in line.

Just off Skyline Boulevard South exit from 280, or Highway 35, this is a taqueria you can count on to fill you up and hit the spot. Unlike other fast food Mexican restaurants they’re on point and won’t mess your order up either. Worth checking out if you’re new to the family’s restaurants or a familiar fan.