Spring into Skyline’s semester


Joshua Collier/The Skyline View

Skyline students are back from Winter break already preparing for Spring in building 6.

Spring is the season of rebirth and rejuvenation, so hopefully everyone has had the chance to relax and rest during winter break before coming back to the salt mines known as college to work towards their academic studies.

Skyline College President Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud had this message for both returning and new students.

“When you decided to pursue your studies, you took the right first step. You chose a college that has a dedicated group of people who believe in you. However, it takes more than a step it takes a commitment to get in, get through and get out. The name of the game is completion. Be a student on a mission. Decide that, as much as you love us here, you don’t plan on staying any longer than it takes to get that certificate or degree, to transfer, or to complete the one class you came for. Don’t waste a precious chance to become the person you envisioned when you decided to get a college education in the first place.”

Skyline College is a pleasant campus filled with interesting professors and faculty who are dedicated to helping students with their studies. Of course, there are plenty of program and clubs available at Skyline to students, designed to help them with their education or to help them with find a place to relax from their studies.

There’s the Center for International Trade in building one, room 1130, with its Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) which is designed to help students who are interested in business. SparkPoint, the Honors Program, and the Dance program here at Skyline. These are only a few of the program available for students to choose from.

There are 41 clubs currently on campus, ranging from the Administration of Justice Club to the hip-hop of the Urban Youth Society available for student to choose from and each club has something to offer their members whether it’s place to relax, a chance to gain experience or simply to learn new skills. For example, the dance program doesn’t only offer students techniques for dancing; they often perform at the college theatre.

“We’re hoping to do performances throughout the semester, both on campus and in the community. We are also looking for community events to perform at, and to expand our Dance Exchange Project with local high schools” wrote Assistant Professor of Dance & Kinesiology Amber Steel in a recent email.

They also work together with the Theatre Club which allows its members to gain experience working backstage during productionof shows performed in the theatre. There is also the Associated Students
of Skyline College (ASSC), the student government, which represent students and actively plans activities for students to have fun and relax while at Skyline.

“I wish a truly successful semester (to students), to begin with, hope everybody is enjoying their time and hope that everybody had a great winter vacation and work hard you can always look forward to spring break to recover from the first couple of weeks. It should be quite a successful semester” said Student Government President Jose Luis Sanchez Sosa.

And of course, if you’ve returning student here at Skyline college, you have no doubt seen the deans for the various departments walking around from class to class.

“During the first week of class. It’s really nice to me to get to meet students and get to know students better, it great, when I’m walking around campus, people see me, they stop and tell me what’s going on to me and their experience as a student. It (often) brings things to my attention that I can do to do my part to alleviate some of those challenges” said Language Arts/Learning Resources Division Mary Gutiérrez.

However at the end of the day, we’re all here at Skyline College with a goal in mind, whether it is to transfer, get a AA/AS, or to get a certificate. So welcome to Skyline College and please enjoy your time here and stay focused on your object.

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