Marvel: Unleashing the nerd inside you

Marvel: Unleashing the nerd inside you

Screenshot by Megan Benveniste/The Skyline View

Calling all comic book nerds, there is a new way to get your comics! I know that some of us don’t want to enter the digital age because we love to actually go and purchase our comic books, but now it is easier and faster to get the comic you want. Marvel now has a free app on ITunes.

The app is designed for the Ipad and the Iphone. The app is free and while some of the comics inside do cost money, some comics are free. This app gives comic book lovers options. If you want one to read right away, you can just download a free one and if you would rather have a hard copy then you can still go out and get it.

It is the best of both worlds. This way you don’t have to worry about anything getting ruined and all of your comics are in one specific place. It’s perfection for collectors.

The Marvel app is very organized between the different types of comics. At the top of the app for the Ipad you are able to either go to the free, featured, or paid comics. From there they break it down into the different comic books of the different characters that there are.

The display is perfect on the Ipad. Sometimes when reading on a tablet, it can strain your eyes or the writing can be small, while on the Marvel app the writing is perfect. You are able to read everything that you need to without it being too obnoxious.

It is the ideal app on the Ipad because the writing and the artwork are at the perfect display. It is so clear and crisp that it makes it easy to read the comics. All of the artwork is really creative and clear.

The prices vary for the different comic books. The average range is $1.99 to $5.99 per comic. Then there are the comics that are free. Most of the free comics are just little previews about the actual comic books or the series.

The nice thing about those free previews is that it will give you a chance to see what is in that series before you buy it you can choose if it is something you want to keep reading. For October, there is a new preview out about the ongoing series from Marvel.

For each of the comic books that the app shows, it will give you a three page introduction into the series of your comic book choice. From there it is broken down into the comic books such as Hulk, Captain America, X-Men, Thor, DeadPool #1, X-Men #1 Legacy, Avengers #9 Assemble, Red She-Hulk #58, Hell Hath No Fury and Iron Man.

No matter what category you decide to choose from the app separates them in chronological order. This comes in handy when you can’t remember the exact issue of the comic but if you remember the day that it came out on.

The final tab on this app is one that I really enjoy and think is an interesting way to categorize the comics on the bottom. It’s called the Story Arc. There are different sections that will lead you to all the comics that correlate to that topic. This way, if there is a certain topic that you would like to read on, you can see what other comics also relate to that topic.

Comic book fans and collectors can thoroughly enjoy this app for pure entertainment or to save some wear and tear in their tangible collection. Either way it’s awesome!