Out and About: Brainwash Cafe

BrainWash is located on Folsom Street. (Richard Estrada)

BrainWash is located on Folsom Street. (Richard Estrada)

San Francisco is great because there’s an endless list of things
 to do there. Aside from the much talked about nightlife, San Fran- cisco’s rich culture and diversity provide easy options to decompress and recharge for the day that follows. The trick, however, is to manage to do so without breaking the bank while still feeling fulfilled at the night’s end.

BrainWash Cafe in the city’s South of Market district is casual enough for a Wednesday afternoon but hip enough for Friday night. And something incredibly unique to this place is that there’s a small Laundromat inside the cafe, so even on laundry day there are great times to be had.

For years, BrainWash Cafe has been the meeting place for stand- up comedians throughout San Francisco to test out their material on small, intimate crowds before unleashing them in bigger venues. This gives the clientele a special preview of possibly the next big ticket on the comedy scene.

But if music is more to your taste, singer-songwriters are a staple here as well. It’s not uncommon to find handful of local bands gearing up to play an impromptu show on the BrainWash Cafe stage for friends and curious onlookers.

The eats at this place pack a
lot for the price. The menu has something for everyone, and it’s virtually impossible to spend more than $15 on your meal, making this a noteworthy restaurant for students on a budget.

The little coin-operated Laundromat inside is an amenity the busy worker can appreciate. Laundry night doesn’t have to be dull anymore. Just bring in the nitty-gritty, put the load in the wash, have a meal, enjoy a show, and head home having made the most of your night.

Because BrainWash Cafe is located at 1122 Folsom Street, parking is not typically a problem, making it an easy choice for pre- party fun before heading deeper into the city. Conveniently, the Civic Center BART station is only three blocks away. This makes
it ideal for the over-21 crowd
to have a great time without the worry of assigning the designated driver role to someone in the group. There are a handful of great bars in the area to explore, so that means there’s one less worry for the night out.

There are very few places that have the versatility to begin, end, or make your night out. Rediscover the subcultures of San Francisco at BrainWash Cafe.