Money Saving Tips from Lui$

The one thing that students can do in order to save money is become aware of available discounts.

Discounts just for being a college student? Yes, this is possible and certainly true. Students get some of the most generous discounts, although not many people know about them. And, for the people that do, it helps out a lot.

On campus, students can access discounts through the student identification card in their wallet or purse. Having a current student ID comes with many different types of discounts. For example, on campus you can get a haircut from the cosmetology department at a discounted price. If you like basketball and have your student ID, you can get free entrance to the men’s basketball games.

Off campus, your student ID can get you discounts from certain restaurants, movie theaters and other venues. If you like skiing or outdoor sports, you can get a discount at Sequoia Ski Shop on a rental. The complete list of discounts is available at the student activities office on request; this list can come in very handy in the right situation.

Having a few discounts for being a Skyline Student is great, but there are also other discounts available. Companies that provide services for the public offer discounts that students may not know about. Some car insurance companies offer discounts for good grades and consistent education. The insurance company may just take your word, but many like to see student IDs and grade reports to assist in the discount.

Banks also offer special discounts for college students. There are certain companies that offer credit cards with a very low annual percentage rate just for students, a discount that will not change until you’re done with school. Wells Fargo, for example, offer 5.9 APR for college students’ credit cards.

A low APR helps improve credit by building it. This can be beneficial now and in the future because payments will be made on time and the stress of having a high rate is not there.

Any place where you eat, shop or obtain a service can have a student discount. Some discounts may be as open as a sign or a billboard that reads “Student Discount Available.” Other times, the discount may be very secretive or not readily available, so it is best to ask an employee.

Students should always take advantage of discounts because they will not always be available. A week’s worth of spending can be saved with the proper use of discounts. Necessary spending and even leisure spending can now be done with greater financial intelligence.