“Moonbeam City” comesto Comedy Central

Creative Common

Comedy central has added a new show to their lineup this fall, with the quirky cartoon “Moonbeam City” taking its place right behind “South Park” on Wednesday nights.

Created by writer and director Scott Gairdner, “Moonbeam City” follows the ridiculous antics of a bumbling yet somehow completely effective team of police detectives, starring Rob Lowe as “#1 Cop” Dazzle Novak. On the surface, it seems like “Moonbeam City” is an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the very similar FX show “Archer”. The joke style of both is the same, the animation is similarly strange (though “Moonbeam” is obviously heavily based in 80’s art and pop culture) and the show plots are both equally outlandish and ridiculous, “Moonbeam City” just has police instead of secret agents.

Especially in today’s Internet fueled, zany comedy scene, where things like Adult Swim’s “Rick & Morty” are thriving, “Moonbeam City” fits right in. In the preview episode alone, a drug lord was established on stolen money from one old woman’s purse, rabid dogs were fed cocaine and unleashed in elderly communities, child neglect spiked, and an illegal alien with an unpronouncable name became a pop star over night, all thanks to Dazzle Novak. The episode was ridiculous from start to finish and never stopped being funny. It would seem that “Moonbeam City” is the perfect companion for anyone that finds the shows “Archer” or “Space Dandy” any kind of entertaining.

With an impressively all star cast including Rob Lowe, Elizabeth Banks, and Will Forte, “Moonbeam City” is prepped to explode in popularity if it has the right audience. The premiere of the “Moonbeam City” series is Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central, after “South Park”.