App of the Week: Paper

App of the Week: Paper

Screenshot by Megan Benveniste/The Skyline View

Drawing isn’t one of the easiest creative outlets, at least for most people. Even if you aren’t great at art, sometimes it’s nice to let your creative energy out in another way. Drawing can be an easy way to let everything you are feeling out in another way. With the Paper app, you are able to bring out the inner artist in you and create anything you would like.

The app is free and perfect for doodling, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an app without knowing if you will like it.

For those that aren’t very artistic and aren’t following it in a profession, but still like being creative and expressing themselves this way that is exactly what this app is. It is a way for you to carefully organize and draw what you are feeling.

When you first open the app after downloading it, a little box appears with some instructions and techniques for you to use to make it easier. After that you are given the option of one of three portfolios; making paper, ideas and sketches. You can add as many of the portfolios as you would like or delete any of them at any given point.

The Making Paper portfolios is twenty-one pages long and is to give you more in-depth instructions and techniques to use. The next two portfolios are up to your discretion of what you would like to use them for. There are ten pages in each of those portfolios and the portfolios that you add to the app.

If you decide to add more portfolios, they will be automatically named Journal. On the top right of the corner on each of the portfolios is a white lower-cased I. Click on that and you can change the name and the cover for your portfolio. This is where you can have some fun changing it up and keeping everything you need organized.

If you were going to become a dress designer but wanted to have different portfolios, then this would be an easy way to keep them organized and know exactly where your sketches are. Being able to change the cover of the portfolio can make it easier to know if it is for professional submission for a client to see your work or even just fun doodles to make time pass by.

For the covers of your portfolios, you are able to use your own pictures or some of the options that the app makes available for you. Being able to use your own pictures is a fun way to organize them a little bit better.

When it is time to start drawing, you are given a calligraphy pen, eraser, and numerous colors. The other four brushes in the app; sketch, outline, write and color must be purchased at $1.99 per brush. Not sure which of the brushes is going to fit what you’re looking to do? Just click on the brush and it gives a description of the brush and you can even try it out.