The beat

2019 is rumored to be expecting new albums from every crevice of genre and every fan has a reason to be excited about new material.

FIDLAR, a skate punk band, released a new album titled “Almost Free” on January 25th, carrying 13 songs produced and co-written with Grammy-nominated producer Ricky Reed. The band claims in an interview with SPIN Magazine that this is they’re most “rule breaking” album yet. When it comes to the albums sound and style, it does not compare to its predecessors. Their earlier albums and singles, such as TOO and Cheap Beer, have a similar style but with Almost Free, FIDLAR is trying on something completely different and considering this new release has sold more copies than any of their other works, it’s proven to be a positive influx for the punk band and their fans.

This year we also have the return of the SK8R GRL, Avril Lavigne. She is currently in the process of making her comeback pop album “Head Above Water.” This album is said to come to streaming sites everywhere on February 15 and Lavigne has already released the leading song “Head Above Water” for those who want a taste of what’s to come. The artist has not released music since 2013, leaving listeners curious as to what lead to her disappearance. Many fans fed into a conspiracy theory that spread throughout several social media platforms about her being replaced with a clone. Some fans claimed she was going to stop making music altogether due to suspicion of racist connections that fans made in her song Hello Kitty released in 2013. The artist did not address any rumors made and remained silent. Her single, teasing her new album, shares metaphors of sinking and drowning translating into her struggle with “keeping her head above water.” Though the artist has let down fans in the past not just with her disappearing act, but with her choice in musical style, the singer and her record label both seem to believe this new album will be a milestone for her career.

Another well-anticipated album filled with angst and lyricism is awaiting its due date in February from The 1975 titled “Notes On A Conditional Form.” The 1975 is a well-known indie pop band from Manchester who started their endeavors in 2013 and their second album went to number 1 in the US Top Charts on the first day of release. Since this record, they have been traveling the world on tours through their homeland and through America. They’re the last album, being their most popular, was notorious for it’s emotionally driven lyrics and romanticization of pain in love. It sounds tragic, but truly the lyrics never fail to pull on a heart string in some shape or form. Fans can only hope that this next album will hit the ground running just as well as their second album did. Although the group has been tagged with the stereotype of angst and cigarettes, anyone could find something to connect to throughout they’re modern-day ballads.

According to the Official American Music Charts, we are to expect 64 albums within this year from several different genres and there are more to be announced. New artists are still sprouting and older artists are ready to rev up their career once more. Needless to say, This year is to be expecting a large melting pot of artists and new musical material.