Captain Meh-vel Review

Finally, we can say that we can see the real Captain Marvel on the big screen…in April with DC’s Shazam! All jokes aside Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel was a welcomed addition to the roughly all male cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But with that said, was this movie any good aside from the idea of having a female lead? Kind of.

The story follows Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, as Danvers uncovers her past as she fights a war between the galactic group known as the Kree and shapeshifters known as the Skrulls.

First and foremost, Brie Larson as Danvers, aka: Captain Marvel. Setting aside all the controversy that followed her and this movie, I thought she did a good, but not great job. She seemed strong and powerful, but that’s all I can say. To me, she comes off as hollow and stoic, and over all kind of bland. I don’t know if it’s her choices as an actor or the directors, but with some of the messages in the movie showing humanity and emotion, it gets lost with such an emotionless character.

Larson does a great job showing how likable her character is, but there really isn’t much more than that. There are no real scenes or performances from her that show her as a person or her growth though this movie.

But still on the train of the actors, some stand out performances were Ben Mendelsohn as the leader of the Skrulls, Samuel L. Jackson as a younger Nick Fury and shockingly Lashana Lynch as Danver’s best friend, Maria. Lynch brought a major emotional moment in the movie when discussing Danver’s past and it was oddly very satisfying.

The Skrulls in the movie were used beautifully. No spoilers, but they have some of the most complex character arcs as a species in the movie, dare I say the whole MCU.

But other than the Skrulls and some handful of emotional moments, the movie as a whole came off as a little bland. The story was slower paced at times and those slower moments weren’t really used for character development but used to tie back into the MCU as a whole, which I find quite lazy.

The movie could have been so much better if the production team focused on Danvers as a person and not as a tool to move the story forward. Just because a person shows emotion or shows a vulnerability or uncertainty doesn’t mean they’re weak. Here’s a phrase you’ll never really hear a lot, but the DC movies did it better with Wonder Woman.

DC’s Wonder Woman showed emotion and uncertainty but still showed she kicks a lot of butt and that she’s still willing to do whatever she has to do, even though she is uncertain. She showed us that it’s powerful to show your traits.

Captain Marvel was fine, a solid C+ if I were to grade it. But for being Marvel’s first female hero, I felt they could have done more with the main character than what they did. It’s definitely worth a watch, but not worth much more.