Humor is Hela-strong in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Marvel has build an action empire with their movies, and their latest entry, Thor: Ragnarok, delves deeper in both the Thor’s world and it’s mythology, of course having some fun on the way there.

The movie is centered around Thor fighting to keep his home world of Asgard from falling apart from the hands of Hela the Goddess of Death. Along the way, Thor meets up with old friends and new allies.

Overall, the movie is set out to give audiences a good time, and it succeeds…for the most part. The biggest strength of the movie is definitely it’s humor, these moments hit the audience a lot and they hit hard.

Where the characters go and how they develop was done very well. A real stand out character was Hulk. For most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, Hulk seems like just an angry version of Banner. But in this movie, we see he isn’t Banner at all, he is an entirely different person, like a child but with really bad anger issues.

The world that was created in the first Thor movie has been given a lot of backstory with Hela. Not spoiling anything, but Hela has a very interesting connection to Odin and his sons, shining a light on Odin and his past and furthers Thor and his journey.

But no movie is perfect. The biggest flaw in the movie is that it doesn’t take itself serious enough for the emotional moments to be emotional moments. A large portion of the movie is spent laughing, and though that’s a good thing, when contrasting to the goddess of death doing her literal thing, bringing death, it kind of compromises the gravity of the end of the world.

The movie is fun but the fun moments overpower most of the movie that even serious scenes, where people are dying, people are cracking jokes. That’s the biggest flaw with this whole new Cinematic Universe Marvel is building, they compromise emotional, very heavy scenes with humor.

A movie should have humor and be fun, but it’s a little too humorous for the setting and story their building in this one. If it was a story less horrific, like a high schooler with spider powers or a band of misfits shooting things, then yes the humor should overtake the emotional moments, but when the world is dying and the hero is having an existential and family crisis, then maybe it should be a bit more serious and have humor sprinkled in it.

Overall, I recommend the movie, yes it has it’s flaws, but so do all movies. Thor: Ragnarok is a great comedy, just don’t expect it to go any deeper than that. If you weren’t on the Marvel train before, unfortunately this most likely won’t win you over. But if you enjoyed these movies, and like the humor, then yes, it’s a great time.