Kodak Black’s debut studio album, Painting Pictures, solicited his urge to get back on track with his music producing.
Not to say anyone is justifying him or his legal history, but Kodak has succeeded in making his current situation notable and known to all his bay area fans. In fact, Kodak has utilized the attention of his alleged rape accusation to only gain him more stardom and followers, to follow him on his journey.

The first song on the album Day for Day, literally paints the picture of his music inspirations for this album and why he is thriving so hard to please his fans and gain back any positive recognition. The start of the song includes audio clips of news broadcasts on his story and pieces of the controversial aspects of Kodak’s rap career.

Aware of his reputation, Kodak not only calls out his stereotypes but is able to twist the gossip around in his favor.
Day for Day, expresses how each day is one step further for him due to the boundaries he created for his own life. For Kodak the song is his way of saying that despite his prior convictions he can still pursue a better life as he betters himself.
Even deeper, Day for Day recognizes all the losses he has encountered in his young lifetime by mentioning the friends he’s lost, and how his music can help give proper attribution to these losses.

If Kodak’s early tracks, meaning pre jail, recent legal allegations and the drop of this album have not gained him fame, what more is Kodak able to do to create a prosperous future in the rap game.