South San Francisco gets spruced up


Michelle Brignoli/The Skyline View

Customers wait for their handcrafted beverages from baristas, Hazel Rojas (left) and Amy Situ.

Upon walking into Spruce Café and Patisserie, you might feel like you stepped into a little piece of San Francisco.

Except it’s not in the city, Spruce Café and Patisserie is a five week old café located on S. Spruce Street in South San Francisco.

Besides serving drip Ritual Coffee, roasters that have been based out of San Francisco since 2005, the café also serves teas, craft espresso drinks, specialty drinks, and even drinks on tap like nitro brew, kombucha and Guinness.

Another aspect that sets the café apart from others is the focus on creating good quality food to-go, with high quality beverages. Some of their freshly made pastries include classics like chocolate croissants and apple turnovers.

One reason it feels so “SF” is because they serve Ritual coffee, a company who’s been based out of the city since 2005. But the other reason someone might find themselves saying, “it’s so San Francisco in here,” is because of the design of the café.

Kevin Lee, owner and manager, has a background in design which explains the aesthetic. Marbled tables and tiled walls give the café a clean and modern look.

For now the café is serving breakfast pastry items and coffee, however this is only the first part of Lee’s focus and development.

He plans to extend into an afternoon and evening menu as well. In the afternoon people generally drink less coffee, and so rather than producing food items that compliment coffee beverages, the café would then switch over to food items that compliment teas. The evening menu is the third part of the development where there will be decadent, heavier desserts that pair with particular wines.

The owners are continuing to do their research while planning the rest of the development for the café. One way they do this is by posting images of their food and beverages to their Instagram feed, @sprucecafe, and accepting the feedback from their customers on those items.

It’s sure to be exciting as this location expands on their planned developments in the future. If you’re a coffee junkie and haven’t gone, put this place on your list. Where else in South San Francisco can you get a mindfully crafted beverage that pairs specifically with freshly made pastries? The answer is Café Spruce and Patisserie.