“Deadpool” earns the name, so what now?

“Deadpool” is the type of film that, within moments of starting, anyone watching can easily determine whether the movie is for them or not. Making good use of an R rating is difficult for many films, but “Deadpool” pulls it off without a hitch.

The debut film for director Tim Miller, “Deadpool” is a mostly R-rated comedy with heads kicked, cut off, clashed, and any combination of the three happening at the same time. Naturally, violence isn’t the only R-rated material in the movie but a single aspect of dozens of moments, that all combine to make “Deadpool” what it is: A successful anti-hero movie as of the writing of this story has made $132 million, while they worked with a budget of $50 million.

So what makes “Deadpool” so fun despite being R-rated? The simple reason that it makes great use of its rating, it isn’t relying on the R to carry it to the finish line, but rather it uses it to enhance the humor of the movie.

This aspect can be seen in the first half of “Deadpool” that takes place on a highway, mixed with flashbacks that serve to further drive the main plot of the movie. The example I have in mind is no secret as anyone who has seen the test footage from a few years ago. Only this time around, it has been further enhanced with slow motion and gore. One moment in this that really made everyone in the movie theater laugh, was the fate of one of the enemies: he was throw out of the car and reduced to paste when he slammed into a highway sign at high speed.

Humor and R aside, “Deadpool” has a solid core story, with the relationship between him and his girlfriend, Vanessa Carlysle, played by Morena Baccarin. This core part of the movie is what drives the plot and leads to the final show down between our villain and Deadpool, along with Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus. Another plus for the movie, is the fact that both characters and everyone’s favorite school for mutants doesn’t feel out of place when they show up. In fact, it feels very natural, and both characters are used very well as counters to the Deadpool character played by Ryan Reynolds.

This is because they service a purpose within the movie, when Deadpool is making jokes left and right they provide the serious punch and the balance between the two that is needed. Even during the serious moments with Deadpool, the jokes are simply tone down and act to further reinforce the Deadpool character.

In short, “Deadpool” is a fun ride and certainly earns the name.