Another fun entry in the Mission Impossible series

Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation, the latest in the series, is an entertaining movie that does a very good job at balancing the action with the humor throughout its full run time.

By doing so, it create a movie that is fun to watch, for viewers as they see Ethan Hunt, played by a returning Tom Cruise, gear up for another impossible mission, this time facing The Syndicate, a group trained to take down highly trained agents like Cruise’s character.

There are a number of factors that make a successful movie, ranging from the cast, the script, the directing, the marketing, etc. In the case of Rouge Nation, all of these factors combine together to create a very fun and interesting movie for viewers.

Returning characters played by Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner are great bringing with them humor and drama alike, as the plot of the movie drives them to express their different views on how to deal with The Syndicate and the situation that the IMF finds itself in throughout Rouge Nation. By doing so, it does brings about character development on their parts, alongside Cruise’s own character.

This drama is further built on by our villain Solomon Lane, played by Sean Harris. Where Hunt, as we learned in previous movies in the series, is very much a spy that is willing to fly by the seat of his pants when the plan goes out the window or when he doesn’t have enough information, Lane is the opposite. Harris’ villain is very much a planner and takes all possibilities in consideration when he setting up an operation.

The movie does a very good job of showing viewers the problem with both, by showing it to them and not telling them.

In regards to the action pieces, they are very well put together with the highlight, in my opinion being the bike chase seen in the trailers and as mentioned at the start of this review, the humor is built into the action throughout the movie.

That said not everything is fine with Rouge Nation as a movie. Like the recent Marvel movies, it does have a problem with the villain. Not enough time is given to showing Lane as a contrast to Ethan Hunt or to build up The Syndicate as a threat to the IMF, when the Senate committee we see at the start of the movie comes off as more of a threat to the IMFs continued existence.

This issue affects the movie, but in the end the action pieces and the humor carry Rouge Nation to the finish line. In the end, if you’re looking for a fun action movie, Rouge Nation is a movie that is worth seeing with friends. It has the action and the humor to keep viewers interested for its full run time.