‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ lives up to hype

The Marvel Universe has been dominating the big screen for the last handful of years, so the excitement and hype regarding “Avengers: Age of Ultron” came as no surprise.

It seems that with each new Marvel installment, more and more anticipation grows. The first Avengers film was met with widespread satisfaction from the public, and the sequel definitely followed in its footsteps.

However, with each film adaptation, whether of a book, or in this case a comic book, there comes expectations and desires as to how the film should approach the concept. Avengers was not free from these musings.

With Marvel films, each audience member leaves with a different idea or opinion of something they wish had been done differently. Sometimes it’s the representation of a character, or an adaption made from the original storyline, or an interaction they didn’t quite believe or enjoy thoroughly. However, despite these varying “dissatisfactions” Marvel films continue to do well. Why? Because they are fun.

There’s nothing more fun than going to see a film that has witty, sarcastic, humorous dialogue, action scenes, attractive actors and actresses, and the type of storyline that leaves an audience speculating until the next installment comes out in a year. And “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has all of this.

The great thing about the Avengers movies is that if someone enjoys previous Marvel films, they’ll enjoy this. Marvel does a fabulous job at bringing varying characters together in a type of boiling pot of comedy and justice that leaves a viewer with their superhero craving satisfied.

Without getting into spoiler-esque details, it’s fair to say that the introduction of new characters is always a dangerous ordeal. Fortunately, there were some strong points in this film. Nearly every scene with Hawkeye could make Scrooge smile, so that is a big plus. The introduction of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (although, they do not go by their X-Men titles in the film), was a bit hasty. Not much was given regarding character development for them, but they played well alongside the team, and especially alongside the most exciting new character, The Vision.

Although the film is the Age of Ultron, The Vision really stole the show. His interactions with Thor alone were fantastic in their lightheartedness and humor. But he, as a character was presented very well and his disconnect from the human aspects of the other characters on the team added a layer of personality not seen before for the Avengers.

Overall, nearly any Marvel film is worth the time to see because of the fun you will have as a viewer. This one in particular excels at getting one excited for the next few upcoming Marvel films. The only reason to skip out on seeing this is if you really have no interest in superheroes, the comic book world, or previous Marvel films. If you have liked any of the previous films however, go and see this one, it’s a fun ride and leaves you waiting for the next one in impatient anticipation and speculation.