Don’t let simplicity fool you


This 2D cave exploring, platforming game looks a lot nicer than the freeware it’s based on but you shouldn’t let the colorful visuals trick you, it’s still infuriatingly hard. Similar to the crazy hard Super Meat Boy, it’s a very simple rogue like game. You get one life and must traverse various dungeons collecting gold and saving damsels in distress, be they male, female or pug. While simple to understand, executing said purpose is much harder than expected.

Getting hurt is very easy and dying is, somehow, even easier. Spitting snakes, monkeys, scorpions, skeletons, and giant spiders will wreck you before you’ve realized what happened. Then there’s instant death spike pits everywhere, arrow traps, grumpy shopkeepers who’ll mow you down with a shotgun, and don’t dally on the levels because there’s a giant spooky ghost that appears and kills you after five minutes. All this anger inducing game play can be beat solo but the true fun, and frustration, with Spelunky comes with it’s co-op mode.

Now you and up to three friends can take on the randomized dungeons, and this is where it gets 1000 times more tedious. Only one person gets to control the camera, you can all hurt each other, and it’s super common to accidentally throw a teammate to their demise.

It’s hilariously angering when you mean to throw a rock but pick up your teammate, throw them into an arrow trap, then they bounce into spikes and die. Don’t get me wrong, when you play Spelunky you will get mad guaranteed, you can never master the ever changing levels, and you’ll probably never get past the second dungeon, but it’s a great game to play alone and with friends.