‘Focus’ on the jokes


Sleight of hand and big money heists are what “Focus” advertised, and both take a backseat in what quickly becomes a romantic comedy with an espionage tint.

“Focus” stars Will Smith as a master pickpocket and con man named Nicky who swiftly takes the natural talent, Jess (Margot Robbie), under his wing. Throughout the film, Smith and Jess form an odd relationship before parting ways and reuniting some years later on opposing sides of one big con.

This film seems like nothing special at first, jumping too quickly into the plot without giving the audience time to breathe. However, this loss is quickly regained when the banter between Smith and Robbie picks up. Such chemistry is evident throughout the film, and what would have been a less than average film is bolstered by excellent casting and confident writing. Though the plot and intermittent dialogue leave a lot to be desired and seem to drag the movie out too long, the witty and comedic exchanges between nearly every character are more than enough to entertain. Sadly, the best examples of writing only come in at the climax, and are given by one Gerald McRaney, who only gets at most 20 minutes of screen time.

Overall, “Focus” is pretty much a standard romance between a master and his student, and only climbs the ratings meter because of the sharp jokes and amazing cast chemistry. It may not be worth a theater ticket price, but for a lazy afternoon with nothing better to do, it certainly isn’t a bad choice.