Coast side fun at fogless Fog Fest


Panoramic view of the booths. Photo credit: Julianna Leon

Taking place on Palmetto, the main avenue that goes through Pacifica, the 2014 Fog Fest was well attended and had an array of music, food, trinket vendors and even dance performances. This annual fair gathered all the locals this past weekend marking the beginning of fall and bidding goodbye to the chilly summer we’ve come to know so well along the Pacific Coast. Between sampling multiple specialties, and after one or two renowned Fog Cutters, flitting from booth to booth becomes all the more entertaining and, before you know, it time has been pleasantly spent feasting the eyes.

This year the barricaded mile-long event was overwrought with funnel cakes, beer and face paint. Contrary to its name, and ironically so, Pacifica’s beloved celebration took place on one of the rare days not shrouded in fog. This 32nd longstanding tradition was successful, although repetitive, with recurring vendors such as the tie-dye stand. Additionally, finding parking is a near impossible tedium and the importance of coming prepared to spend the day amongst the crowded main street was highlighted when I forgot to bring cash and had to take a hike all the way back near Oceana High school to retrieve it.

The Skyline Cosmetology department was in attendance advertising their services and taking down contact information given their approaching date to start taking appointments.

“we are giving paraffin hand massages, letting people know about our spa, we are making appointment to take clients during October and December” said Clair Doctor, an aesthetician from Skyline College.

Raising money for a number of local community organizations such as the “Gift for Pacifica Fund” through fundraising games and contests, and a large diversity of arts and crafts booths ranging from artisanal soaps to intricate jewelry. With free admission, three stages of live music and snake wielding arabesque belly dancers, and a piqued curiosity Fog Fest is an enjoyable event to come back to.