Is this steel worth your silver?

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Is this steel worth your silver?

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The Pebble Steel is exactly what it appears to be. A smartwatch, with class. Just over a year ago, Pebble, a smartwatch manufacturing company released the original Pebble through Kickstarter. The accessory could display your incoming text messages, sports game scores, emails, and control your music playback, all through a Bluetooth connection to your cellular device.

With a starting price point at $150, this was a must buy for tech fanatics. One of the more known reasons that some may have had to dislike the smartwatch was its design. The display did incorporate a gorilla glass screen, but the frame and buttons were made of plastic and created this “plain” feel to the overall look. However, that was fixed as Pebble released its latest smartwatch, the Pebble Steel, priced at $250.

This watch has everything the original Pebble did and did not have to show. As in it carried over the same software and hardware, but was also designed with a mundane look and feel to easily catch attention of any wandering eyes.

In the box, the Pebble Steel includes the watchface itself, accommodated by a black leather wristband, a USB-to-Pebble proprietary magnetic charging cable, and a “stainless” steel band (based on the color of the chosen watch when purchased). Notice that the word stainless is in quotes. If you own a MacBook, or any other laptop made of aluminum or any other metal, do not wear this watch while using it. The clasp and connected links of the band can easily get scratched up and not look so attractive after a few days.

Speaking of days, let’s talk about the battery life. On the Pebble website, the watch’s battery is claimed to last between five to seven days on a full charge. Unfortunately for my device, this claim did not hold true. On a full charge, I was barely able to get two, three days max before I received a notification on the watch that read “20 percent remaining,” which then died hours later. Keep in mind that apps and watchfaces can be installed, and are both factors toward the shortening of the battery life.

The reason this accessory is referred to as a smartwatch is because it’s smart. Using a bluetooth connection to your phone, you can receive text messages, emails, and notifications from certain apps. You can also install apps like games, and Evernote on your watch through the Pebble App on your phone. You’re allowed to have up to eight apps and/or watchfaces installed at a time, and the not-used items are stored in your locker in the Pebble app.

Overall, the Pebble Steel is a must buy for any tech enthusiast (who also may have a sense of fashion). Don’t want to spend the extra $100 for the steel? Go for its older brother, the Pebble.


Update: this article has been updated and replaced with the newest version available. 2:36 p.m. 5/16/14