“Non-Stop” review: Liam Neeson is back, and this time he’s up in the sky


Photo courtesy of Myles Aronowitz / Creative Commons

US Marshall Bill Marks(Neeson) searches through the cabin as he hunts down the terrorist onboard.

Miguel Garcia, TSV Staff Writer

“Non-Stop” is the type of well-rounded action movie that delivers. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with the suspense, action, and even drama.

Neeson plays U.S. Marshall Bill Marks, who is required to monitor every flight that comes in and out of the US, aboard an international flight from the United States to London, and it is his job to keep the passengers safe.

Action movies are normally plain and dry with barely any plot whatsoever, but “Non-Stop” has an element of mystery and suspense. It grabs you and keeps you guessing that it keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what’s going to happen next. It was an enjoyable movie; not the best, but it was good.

The plot keeps you invested enough throughout the movie because you constantly try to figure out who is threatening the safety of the passengers. It got quite complex since this seemed like a very elaborate plan, that even an air marshall was fooled.

There was a decent amount of action scenes in the movie too; not too many, but just enough. And they really show Neeson’s talent, just like what we saw in “Taken.” The action sequences were neatly choreographed with a little hiccups here and there, but they’re very subtle, so you’re still able to enjoy the action.

Warning, spoiler below!

One thing that was kind of bothered me, though, was that since this was a film that revolved around air safety and terrorism, racial stereotypes were a very sensitive topic to touch on. The movie has a scene in the very beginning where a muslim is focused on for at least five seconds of the screentime. The racism didn’t seem so subtle at all, but they tried to balance it out by making this man very helpful to the protagonist, and not turning out to be a terrorist at all, instead, he was a lifesaver. This satirical take on the racism we have garnered towards Middle-East Asians really did slap the topic right across the face, and the irony we felt at the beginning was washed away as we saw the man save the day.

“Non-Stop” is one of the few action movies nowadays that keeps you invested on all aspects of the movie instead of just simply mesmerizing you with bullets, blood, and explosions. This movie will keep you thinking. “Non-Stop” is a great movie to watch, especially if you want to watch a movie that requires a little bit of brainwork. A lot of action movies we see nowadays are just sequences of guns and explosions with a very muddled plot that just doesn’t catch our attention, anymore. “Non-Stop” was able to reach out of that pot and keep the viewers at the edge of their seat, second-guessing who really was the culprit in this action-thriller.