‘The walking dead’: “After” Recap

Miguel Garcia, TSV Staff Writer

The Walking Dead finally resumed its fourth season last Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014, but was the wait really worth it?

We left off from a very loud bang and here we are, at a very slow-paced, Carl and Michonne-centric episode. And honestly, it makes me feel like I’m watching Season Two all over again.

So the episode picks up where the last one ended, with all the remaining prison survivors running off their separate ways. Michonne gets two walkers, chops their arms off, and knocks their teeth out, just like she had when we first saw her on the show. Michonne seems like the only one to head back to the prison after the “war” and she finds Hershel’s severed head, reanimated as a walker. There are a ton of things that don’t make sense in this episode. It was extremely boring; They just gave us a breather from the action, and then the show finally comes back and they’re still giving us these slow moments

Carl, oh, Carl. He picks on his dad a lot in this episode. He’s really angry at him for not defending the prison well or protecting their people. He points out how weak of a person Rick is. But really, there is a huge fluctuation of the opinion on Rick in the entire series. In some episodes, a character praises him for his leadership, and then there’s this episode where Carl throws all his hate at him. Seriously, even I don’t know how to feel about Rick anymore. But all in all, Carl was really being a jerk this entire episode and I bet a pretty huge population of viewers just wanted to slap Carl.

But at least we learned more about Michonne’s mysterious background. The first two Walkers she had “protecting” her, turned out to be her lover and his brother. Michonne has a nightmare that cleverly lapses through her life before the outbreak, the first few days of the outbreak, and after her boyfriend and his brother become Walkers. This was a really clever scene because it just used a continuous scene rather than a set of flashbacks. She even had a kid back then, but we are led to believe that the child is dead since Michonne doesn’t even talk about her family at all.

This episode was a letdown, after a long two months of waiting, we come back to a very disappointing episode. The only good thing that came out of this episode was Michonne’s past which was lightly brushed on. Hopefully, the next episode finally picks up, like the preview teased.